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8 x JBL Speaker 4 Zone Background Music System

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4 Zones / Rooms with 8 Speakers, Total Control with soundover 4 different areas

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100v Line Speaker cable *

Speaker cable recommended for 100v line speakers systems

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8 x JBL Black Wall Speakers with a 4 Zone Background Music System 
The RS100 Commercial 4 Zone 8 speaker background sound system is designed for creating that all-important Background Music in different areas with you being able to set the right atmosphere for your customers
We are so confident with our products that we are now offering a Free 3 Year Warranty on all RS100 Background Music Systems.
This background sound system is matched with the legendary JBL Speakers that are the ultimate in quality , so if your looking for high end at an affordable price, that also look fantastic then this system is for you. suited for clear background music and speech reinforcement. and an RS100 Multi-Zone mixer amplifier enabling you to have 4 Zones at different sound levels playing the same music, or 4 Zones all playing different music at different sound levels!
This system comes with rear RCA ( for iPod / CD / MP3 Players ) & Microphone inputs and front Bass, Treble & Volume controls making this system very easy to install and operate, and more importantly delivering the perfect ambience for background music requirements.
If you’re not sure what you need, then call us on 0141 337 1100 or send an email to We’re here to help you design the right system that best suits your requirements.
You may also consider adding a Media Player, to give you an option of playing CD’s / MP3 or USB ( see options )
Here’s What’s Included:
8 x JBL Control One Speakers (Black Only)
8 x JBL Flexible Speaker Mount Brackets  
1 x RS100 4 Zone 480w Multi-Input Mixer Amplifier
Free 3 Year Warranty
4-Zone Mixing Amplifier with Professional Features
4 x Zone Outputs, 100V and 4Ohm/8Ohm operation
4 zone outputs, can be controlled individually, IE Different music in each area or same music different volumes!
Ideal for Restaurants,Fitness Centres, Dance Clubs, Sports Centres, Cafes, Reception areas and pubs
Huge power and great quality!
XLR & RCA Inputs for iPods, MP3, CD, Laptops and microphones or pretty much anything else



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JBL Speaker Info

Famed for their legendary upbeat sound and tough construction, the JBL Control One speakers are a true classic.

Rugged design for flexible placement
Tough and rugged cabinets make these speakers ideal for commercial and harsher environments. Unlike wooden speakers, these polypropylene moulded speakers won’t rot, crack or deteriorate, making them ideal for use in pool areas, bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and commercial applications. Rounded edges with protective ‘bumpers’ protect both speakers and surroundings.

Powerful sound
JBL have a long history of producing punchy studio monitors and the Control 1 speakers reflect that sound tradition. Titanium-laminate tweeters matched to 100mm woofers provide a bright, forward sound that is ideal for cutting through background noise, again making these speakers ideal for commercial use in bars, cafes and shops.

Magnetic shielding
Magnetic shielding means that these speakers can safely be used at close range to magnetically vulnerable areas. If you have precious reel-to-reel, cassette, video or other taped media, these speakers can safely be placed alongside. The shielding also protects against picture distortion on older CRT TVs and display systems.

Wall-mounts included
Supplied with flexible wall-mounts, the Control Ones can be mounted high up and out of the way but also angled downwards to direct the sound. Flexible ball joints give a wide range of directionality. Safety wires, in case of mount failure, are also supplied.