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Active Subwoofer 120w for 100v Background Music Systems

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RS100 Active Subwoofer System, 200 WMAX, 120 WRMS

This active subwoofer ( amplifier built in ) provides a great addition for any 100v speaker system that requires extra bass.

Traditionally most background systems lack bass, this additional bass sub does just that, adds that warmer bottom end tone.

The way its most commonly used is to take a line out feed from the 100v line amp then straight into the line in feed on the bass amp. Very easy to do.

Beside the variable input sensitivity, a phase switch and an automatic switch-on system which can additionally be activated, the amplifier features an adjustable crossover frequency (50-150 Hz)

High-quality bass-reflex MDF cabinet (black wood veneer look)

25 cm (10") bass speaker

Volume control for the subwoofer

Inputs via 1 x RCA L/R, RCA LFE or screw terminals for high-level L/R

Additional outputs for mid-high range speakers, thus well-suited for the connection to already existing speaker cables


Frequency range 35-100 Hz

Amplifier power 200 WMAX, 120 WRMS

Inputs 150 mV/24 kΩ (RCA L/R)

55 mV/16 kΩ (RCA mono)

2.3 V/440 Ω (high IN)

SPL (1 W/1 m) 88 dB

Max. rated SPL 108 dB

Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C

Power supply 230 V˜/50 Hz/240 VA

Dimensions (WxHxD) 330x360x360 mm

Weight 13 kg

Connections 1 x RCA (L/R), unbal., IN

1 x RCA (mono), unbal., IN

1 x screw terminal (stereo),

high-level IN

1 x screw terminal (stereo),

high-level OUT

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