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Avante Audio Active 5.6k DJ Band Club PA System

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Avante Audio PA Package

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Avante Audio 2 x 10″Tops 2 x  15″ Sub  Package Deal

2 x Avante Audio A12 12-inch, 2-way active loudspeaker

2 x Avante Audio A15S Powered Subwoofer

2 x Speaker Poles

This is an amazing system, with superb bottom end and crystal clear mid high. Will cope easily with crowds up to 500.

The Avante system, part of the Achromic Series from Avante Audio, is an active loudspeaker cabinet that offers powerful output, detailed audio clarity, built-in DSP and sleek exterior design. Created for musicians, bands, houses of worship, audio production companies and rental houses, the Achromic Series speakers are equally suited to permanent installation as they are to one-off and touring productions.


The Achromic Series speakers feature a Bi-Amped, high efficiency fan cooled Class A/B switching power amp for the highs, and a Class D power amp for the low end. Each cabinet was carefully designed with components specifically chosen to provide high SPL levels while ensuring smooth coverage across all frequencies in a light weight package ranging from the A10 at 28.7 lbs. (13 kg) up to the A18S at 83.8 lbs. (38 kg).


Power Ranges from 1000 Watts for the A10 to 1200 Watts for the A12/A15. Designed to work for you, the full-range speakers feature a 35mm pole socket with two position options  zero or a 7.5-degree downward tilt for stand mounting but can also be flown via the built-in M10 fly points, wall mounted or used a main or floor monitor.


To provide enhanced bass response and extended low frequency coverage, the Achromic Series also includes two active DSP Controlled sub options with configurable output directivity. The cardioid output option allows you to better focus your low end in a ground stack configuration for tight clean bass.


Every model in the Achromic Series features an advanced easy to use Digital Signal Processor accessible via an LCD screen on the rear panel of the speaker. The built-in DSP allows you custom optimization to configure the speaker specifically for your needs: Music Type /Room/ mounting option/EQ/ and System configurations.




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