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Best Background Systems for Bars, Restaurants 2021

Best Background Sound Systems 2021

Looking for a background music system for a pub, bar or club? Look no further – we can help you design a sound system for a Wine Bar, Sports Bar or Pub Restaurant that will encourage your customers to stay longer and consequently spend more money!

multi-zone amplifier or zone mixer can be used to alter volume levels to suit different areas of the pub and the sound system can also be linked to video screens located in the bar for special events, live football matches or other sports events.

Whilst Wall Speakers may be best in the bar area, more discreet ceiling speakers can be used in quieter eating areas or lounge areas.

High performance Wall loudspeakers in stage areas or function rooms provide more powerful sound for parties, bands and entertainment.

RS100 have some good examples of typical sound systems for bars & pubs. See the RS100 product range here.

For expert advice on the design of your music system for a pub, bar or club, please call us on 01413371100 or email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you.

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