Hill Audio 6” Passive Installation Speaker (White)

Adagio 2-way Passive 6” W

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The Adagio series is the perfect loudspeaker choice for background music applications. Whether at low volumes like in retail environments or at more elevated sound levels as in hospitality use, there is a choice for every purpose in this range. Being tuned for the high dynamics and extended frequency response of pop music, this line of speakers not only looks good, but first and foremost provides a vivid and pleasant listening experience. The woofer is protected by a sturdy grille, and electrical connections are made via binding posts in a recessed compartment on the speaker’s back side. The same compartment also houses the transformer tap settings on versions with built-in line transformer, which is an option on the 4’’ and 6’’ size variants (”T” suffix). The two available colors (black, white) allow for an easy integration into any architectural environment. A truly versatile speaker range at an affordable price.


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