Hill Audio IMA202v2 B Wall-Mount Installation Media Amplifier

Hill IMA202V2B (A) [115/230V-C14] SC

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The IMA-202V2B is a wall-mount version of the popular IMA-200V2 rack-mount media amplifier, perfect for all locations where no rack space is available, like in small retail outlets or coffee shops. It combines MP3 replay, Bluetooth connectivity and FM tuner reception as music sources with a microphone input and a high-headroom power amplifier in one compact unit. Apart from its main output, an additional zone output is available. Depending on the application, the unit can be configured to either use the internal amplifier as a stereo amplifier and an external amplifier for the zone signal, or to use the internal amplifier as a dual mono unit, one for the main and one for the zone signal. A music on-hold output allows to feed the unit’s music program into a telephone system. Adding the seamless integration with fire evacuation systems, the IMA-202V2B is the perfect all-in-one solution for applications with space limitations.


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