Hill Audio IMA400v2 B Rack-Mount Installation Amplifier

Hill IMA400V2B (A) [115/230V-C14] SC

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The IMA-400V2B media amplifier combines a MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity, a FM Tuner and a multitude of microphones and stereo sources with a high-headroom stereo power amplifier in one compact unit. Add a VCA volume remote control option for its main output, the IMA-400V2B extends its applications into venues with more complex requirements. With the additional zone output, the unit can be configured to either use the internal amplifier as a stereo amplifier and an external amplifier for the zone signal, or to use the internal amplifier as a dual mono unit, one for the main and one for the zone signal. A music on-hold output allows to feed the unit’s music program into a telephone system. Adding the seamless integration with fire evacuation systems, the IMA-400V2B is the default choice of any mid-scale venue operator.


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