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Pro Logitech Bluetooth Audio Streamer

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Pro Logitech Bluetooth Audio Streamer

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Pro Logitech® Wireless  Bluetooth Streaming Adapter for Background Music Amplifiers
Turn our RS100 amplifier into a wireless sound system.
No need to connect your device via cables,GO WIRELESS !
Wireless audio transmission adapter, for Bluetooth audio equipment.
Turn your favourite speaker or music system into a wireless sound system. The wireless speaker adapter for Bluetooth audio equipment from Logitech uses a wireless Bluetooth connection for streaming music or other audio material from your smartphone or tablet PC.
Audio streaming directly from your Bluetooth device
Multipoint Bluetooth (2 units can be paired simultaneously)
Enjoy a great sound and the freedom of movement due to wireless operation
Almost any active speaker can be used
LED for status indication
Supplied with wireless audio streamer, plug-in PSU, audio cable (RCA to 3.5 mm stereo plug)
Min. system requirements: active speaker/amplifier with RCA or 3.5 mm input, computer, mobile phones and tablet PCs with wireless Bluetooth audio profile (A2DP)