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Active subwoofer Bass system 100w

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Transform your background sound system, with this small, clever powered 100w Sub Bass Speaker, an amazing addition to a tin sounding system !

£279.00 ex VAT


Do you have a tin can sounding music system ? Add this and transform your sound, It literally Night & Day difference !

Will add on to any system, as it has it’s on power, and can be placed anywhere, as Bass is NON Directional, so you hear it, no matter where you are !

Active sub cabinet with 8″ (20cm) reinforced driver and internal amplifier with active filter circuit. Inputs are on twin RCA or from a stereo amplifier on spring terminals (between amp and mid-top speakers). Cutoff frequency and Gain rotary controls can be adjusted as required. “Auto Off” function deactivates the amplifier when no incoming signal is detected to conserve energy.

  • Integral amplifier with variable crossover
  • Auto off function conserves energy
  • Speaker level or line level inputs

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