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Bluetooth Background Music Mixer

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RS100 MP3 SD USB Bluetooth Background Music Player,  great bit of kit for any background music system

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MP3 SD USB Bluetooth Background Music Mixer

Fast, simple and reliable all-in-one MP3/Bluetooth media player designed for permanent installations where easy control of music is a must (ie. restaurants, fitness studios, retail locations, etc.) and great for mobile entertainers as well. This offers digital playback from SD cards or USB sticks/drives.

This Bluetooth Professional Mixer includes full MP3 playback control as well as a microphone input (XLR / ¼” combo), master volume control and 3x line output options. Plug the unit directly into powered speakers, an amplifier or secondary mixer through the balanced XLR, ¼” or stereo RCA outputs. 

• Memory Card* / USB 2.0 / Wireless Audio full functioning MP3 Player
• Track Time Display
• Track Search Buttons
• Easy-to-use
• Bright LCD Display
• Reads standard or High Capacity Memory cards up to 32GB
• Up to 1000 MP3 songs on a 1G Memory Card** (MP3 recorded at 128bit rate**)
• 4x RCA line Inputs and 1x 3,5mm Auxiliary Jack Input
• 1x RCA, 1x L/R Unbalanced 1/4” Jack, 1x L/R Balanced XLR Outputs
• Master music output volume control
• Individual EQ Treble / EQ Bass control for Music
• Combo Mic input: 1/4” jack and XLR
• Master mic output volume control
• Individual EQ Treble / EQ Bass control for Mic
• Voltage Selector Switch: 115V or 230V 50/60Hz
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 19” x 4” x 1.75” in. / 483 x 193 x 44 mm (1 rack unit)
• Weight: 4 lb. / 1.7 kg.
*Memory Card is not Included
**Capacity may vary


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