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Contactless Intercom Hearing System for Perspex or Glass

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Hearing Solution for Clear and Secure communication despite protective screens.

Can’t Hear your Customers ? Then This Is Your Perfect Solution

The VoiceBridge is a new, hygienic, safe and flexible solution especially for acrylic glass walls and cabins in pharmacies , medical practices, shops and supermarkets or also for visiting boxes in nursing homes. Advice and communication made easy. | Intercom System, 

Installation and commissioning is very easy. The VoiceBridge consists of 2 microphone units that can be easily attached to any acrylic , glass or plexiglass wall with double-sided adhesive tape.

Whether countertop or hygiene – the VoiceBridge is also ideal for protective installations for a long period of time in high-traffic areas (POS): background noise and mouth protection make communication difficult or lip-reading, which is often important for older people.

The VoiceBridge provides enhances communication and improved clarity, particularly in environments where patients, staff and the elderly need to be protected. For clear speech intelligibility, you no longer have to speak louder, lean forward or bypass the hygienic protective wall.


The VoiceBridge enhances customer experiences with all sorts of industries and can be used in practically any environment that requires face-to-face communications with customers, such as service desks and tills. current trials now at Costa Coffee

  • Pharmacies
  • Nursing Homes
  • Coffee Shops
  • Medical practices
  • Supermarkets
  • High-Street Stores & Currency Exchanges
  • Train Stations
  • Banks
  • Customer Service Desks
  • Hotel Receptions
  • Other Help Desks


Simple and safe

Innovative technology and design means that the VoiceBridge offers a number of benefits. We have equipped the VoiceBridge with the latest technologies to provide communications that are as clear as possible in any environment, even with additional hearing barriers such as face masks, increased space (due to social distancing measures) and protective walls/screens.| Intercom

  • AEC Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Noise Reduction to suppress ambient noise
  • Infrared Sensors that automatically recognise when a customer is present.  Hygienic handling without pressing a button
  • Integrated Microphones to allow large speech distances.  No need to approach or speaker extra loud

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