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Low Smoke Halogen Speaker Cable LSZH BLACK 100M

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100v Line Speaker Audio cable,suitable for 100v line speakers with individual shielding

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Low Smoke Halogen Speaker Cable LSZH BLACK 100M

Van Damme Ecoflex Install Grade Speaker Cable LSZH is a Low Smoke Zero Halogen insulated and jacketed cable range. It is specifically designed for installation in public buildings and other areas where LSZH materials are specified such as new-build housing and marine installations. 

2 x 0.75mm for 100V line for low impedance systems.

For : Speaker installations in public buildings & Marine installations

Description:Van Damme Ecoflex Install Grade LSZH speaker 2 x 0.75 twin axial

Overall diameter mm: 5.6

Weight Kg/km: 52

Conductor stranding mm: 42 x 0.15

Conductor resistance Ohm/km: 24.5

Overall Mechanical specification


Conductor Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper  

Insulation LSZH thermoplastic compound SHF-1  

Overall jacket LSZH thermoplastic compound SHF-1 anthracite grey RAL 7016  

Working voltage 300/500V  

Test voltage 2000V DC 1 minute  

Bend Radius 10x overall diameter

Application notes

 Jacket material specified as the thermoplastic polymer SHF-1; compliant with IEC 60092 Electrical Installations in ships pt. 359 – Sheathing materials for shipboard power and communication cables

Fully tested and compliant with the following IEC standards 

IEC 60332.1 Fire retardancy of a single cable

IEC 60332.3C Fire retardancy of bunched cables

IEC 60754.1 Amount of Halogen Gas Emissions

IEC 60754.2 Degree of acidity of released gases

IEC 61034.2 Measurement of smoke density

Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity

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