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LYNX RS4-2000 4 x 400W Power Amplifier

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Lynx Amplifier 4 x 400W

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The LYNX RS4-2000 4 x 400W Power Amplifier is designed to meet the demands of installation or touring. The RS Series is based on an inverted mono-block approach offering an all-in-one power module that contains the entire amplifier assembly. The upside-down design reduces dust build-up to maximise cooling efficiency. The latest generation QuantaPulse™ switching power supply allows to reach a new level of refined sensing and control of the power flow.


Class H design offers market leading audio quality and high efficiency
4 Channel model 4 x 400w
Ultra-lightweight 6kg, compact package only 25cm deep
Latest generation QuantaPulse™ switch mode power supply
Power Management System (PMS™) and Clip Limiter (ICL™)
Upside down internal design to avoid fan dust accumulation
Industry standard Neutrik® XLR and SpeakON® connectors
Comprehensive protection set (ICL, PMS, SSP, turn-on, Temp, DC)
Detented sealed potentiometers
Dual or bridge mode operation
Temperature controlled, rear to front cooling fan

Power output – Stereo 8Ω: 4 x 220Wrms
Power output – Stereo 4Ω: 4 x 400Wrms
Power output – Stereo 2Ω: 4 x 500Wrms
Power output – Bridge 8Ω: 2 x 800Wrms
Power output – Bridge 4Ω: 2 x 1000Wrms
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 1.1V
Power supply: 170V-265V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 483 x 88.9 x 254mm
Weight: 6kg

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