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MP1 Professional Audio / DMX Twin Screened Signal Cable

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MP1 Professional Audio / DMX Twin Screened Signal Cable

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RS100 MP1 Professional Audio / DMX Twin Screened Signal Cable Universal “Easy Strip” analogue/digital foil screened twisted single pair.

This professional cable adopts the strongest aspects of contemporary cable design and technology to offer a range of installation/touring multi-pairs that can be implemented for both analogue and digital applications.

Easy-Strip technology enables both jacket and foil screen to be stripped in one action, cutting wiring time significantly. As the jacket is applied under high-pressure, simultaneous back-pressure under the foil creates excellent adhesion, at the same time stopping the foil collapsing onto the conductors. This strong bond also ensures excellent conductivity between the foil screen and drain wire, essential for effective interference screening.

RS100 MP1  offers superb performance as both a digital and analogue cable, its low profile making it ideal for a wide range of applications including installation, DMX, patching and mic/signal cables.

The RS100 Universal series is suitable for digital transmission up to 100m at 96kHz. Longer digital runs can be obtained using a lower bit transfer rate.

Light weight easy strip twisted foil twin screen Cable 100m


  • Conductors  7/0.2mm tinned copper
  • Tight twisted drain for better IDC connection
  • Foil comes off with sleeve
  • Sleeve strips with ease from the cable
  • AES digital specification
  • High quality OFC conductors
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Good drain to foil connectivity
  • Available 100m drums

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50m, 100m