RS00 Blue 100v 2 Core Line Cable

100v Line Speaker Audio cable,suitable for 100v line speakers with individual shielding

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Manufactured for RS100, easily identifiable speaker cable in Blue, Suitable for 100v Line Speaker Applications, or long speaker runs up to 300m ( inc joins )

High Quality
0.75mm 2192y BLUE
RS100 2 core 0.75mm 2192Y oval
Cable BLUE imprinted with “100v LOUDSPEAKER CABLE ” every 1/2 m
Imprinted ‘100v line loudspeaker cable’
Oval flexible 2 core cable
2 x 0.75mm (24/0.2mm sq.) conductors
Maximum current 6 amp.300 volt H03VVH2-F2. BS6500 VDE approved
For light electrical applications that do not require a earth conductor
Price Per 100m drum
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