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RS100 4 Zone 480w Commercial Background Music Amplifier

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4 Zone 480w Background Music Amplifier.Each amplifier can drive either a 100V line speaker system or 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm speakers

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RS100 4 Zone 480w Background Music Amplifier giving 4 Area’s up to 120w per Zone,
This Product has a 3 Year Warranty
Extremely high quality and high powered Mixer Amplifier. Suitable for commercial audio systems in health clubs, schools, offices, shops, restaurants, factories, houses of worship, and large meeting rooms.
4-zone mixing amplifier with professional features for universal multi-room PA applications.
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4-Zone Mixing Amplifier with Professional Features
4 x 120WRMS, 100V and 4Ohm/8Ohm operation
4 zone outputs, can be controlled individually, IE Different music in each area or same music different volumes !
Ideal for Fitness Centres, Dance Clubs, Sports Centres, Cafes, Reception areas and pubs
Huge power and quality!
Inputs for iPods, MP3, CD, Laptops or pretty much anything else
Key Features..
4 x 120WRMS, 100V and 4 ohm/8 ohm operation
Perfect utilisation of the capacity and reliable protection of the connected speakers due to an integrated limiter
3 inputs microphone/line via comb. jacks
2 inputs line stereo via RCA jacks
Each input channel with gain control, 2-way tone control, channel mute switch and routing switch for zones
Microphone inputs with 46V phantom power, can be switched on additionally as required
Priority function for channels 1-3, switchable
Independent paging input, can be routed to all zones
4 zone outputs, can be controlled individually
Zone and monitor line outputs for additional amplifiers or recorders
Connection for monitor speakers
Level control via VU meters for zone and monitor
Adjustable headphone output

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Tech Spec…
Output power: 4 x 120WRMS
4 x 170WMAX
Mic/line: 5mV/4k ohm, 100mV/10k. 100mV/30k
Line: 100mV/30k ohm
Telephone paging 40mV/5k ohm
Speakers: 4 x 25V/70V/100V, 4ohm/8ohm
Speakers: 4 x 25V/70V/100V, 4ohm/8ohm
– Monitor speakers: 8ohm/1W
– Monitor speakers: 8ohm/1W
– Line (zone): 1.7V, bal.
– Line (zone): 1.7V, bal.
– Line (mix out): 3.95V
– Line (mix out): 3.95V
– Frequency range: 50-17,000Hz
– Bass: -10dB/100Hz
– Bass: -10dB/100Hz
– Treble -10dB/10kHz
– Treble -10dB/10kHz
– S/N ratio, mic > 65dB
– S/N ratio, line > 75dB
– THD: < 1%
– Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 C
– Power supply: 230V/50Hz/1,200VA
– Dimensions: 482x133x410mm, 3RS
– Weight: 20.5kg
– Mic/line: 3 x 6.3mm/XLR comb. jack, bal. 2 x RCA L/R
– Paging: screw terminal
– Priority: screw terminal
– Line (zone): screw terminal
– Line (mix out): screw terminal
– Headphones: 3.5mm stereo jack
– Speakers (monitor): screw terminal
– Speakers (zone): screw terminal
– Power supply: 3-pin IEC jack