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Sonos Amplifier with 6 Ceiling Speakers, Is this Possible…YES from RS100

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Exclusive to RS100, Our Clever wee Box, allows 6 speakers to be connected to the Sonos Amplifier, and keep the polarity matching the Sonos Amplifier, in fact it will go up to 8 speakers, all from 1 Amplifier.

In This Deal, You get:

1 x Sonos Amplifier

6 x Flexson Ceiling Speakers

1 x RS100 Clever Box ( Speaker Switcher )


Turn your wired speakers into a music streaming system with our high-powered amplifier.

  • Connect to permanently installed patio or poolside speakers for non-stop outdoor listening.
  • A powerful Class-D digital amplifier powers large or small speakers with 55W per channel.
  • Control all your music and streaming services from a single app (on your smartphone, tablet or computer).
  • Uses your WiFi, easy to set up and expand your system over time.

Flexson 65X3 Ceiling Speakers for SONOS CONNECT:AMP 

The six Flexson 65X3 Ceiling Speakers are the perfect discreet partners for the SONOS CONNECT:AMP. The speakers have triple high-frequency drivers for wide sound dispersion, plus are switchable between Normal/Music/Speech modes for optimum sound reproduction, and have a bass attenuation control.

They are highly flexible about placement: they can be mounted in very shallow ceiling voids (minimum 50mm) and their moisture-proof specification makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

An optional extra to complement any install is the matching pair pack of Flexson Square Speaker Grilles for 65X3 Ceiling Speakers.

  • Pair of in-ceiling speakers; perfect partners for the SONOS CONNECT:AMP
  • Triple high frequency drivers for wide sound dispersion
  • Can be mounted in very shallow void; minimum 50mm
  • Moisture proof: Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
  • High frequency boost/cut 6dB switch
  • Bass attenuation switch: Speaker can be ‘controlled’ when mounted in a large void
  • Switch for Normal/Music/Speech for optimum reproduction of source signal
  • 180° phase adjustment to match a subwoofer if required
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