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RS100 Bluetooth Kitchen In Ceiling Speaker System

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Kitchen Bluetooth ceiling speakers (pair)

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2 x RS100 Bluetooth In Ceiling Speaker System 

Kitchens , Bathrooms  Lounge … anywhere, this 2 speaker bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System is brilliant and easy system to use, straight from your phone / ipad for any room, Enjoy wireless music in your home! with our integrated sound system . All you need is your iphone or Android phone/ Tablet…any device that has bluetooth ! add a echo dot then you have Amazon Alexa

Simply pair your phone with our system, then wirelessly listen to your music through the system, The volume is controlled via your device…Its really brilliant !

A ceiling speaker set with switchable Bluetooth connectivity, offering unrivalled simplicity in terms of pairing with and playback from compatible devices. The set includes 2 x 5.25” ceiling speakers, including an active speaker with Bluetooth receiver and a passive, slave speaker. The active speaker’s RCA line input and output enable daisy-chaining of multiple sets. Each speaker features low and high frequency drivers and flared baffles for a smooth, full-range response. With understated, low-profile, magnetic grilles, these speakers are suitable for domestic and commercial use, with dog-ear clamps and an in-line 12Vdc power supply for ease of installation.